The Real Jesus

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In His book The God Who Smokes author Timothy Stoner points out that there is a significant difference between the real Jesus and the “Jesus I prefer.”   I hear alot about the “Jesus I prefer” these days.  He guarantees that I will be financially wealthy, physically healthy and that all my dreams will come true.  The “Jesus I prefer” looks alot like baptized selfishness.   But the real Jesus claims to be Lord.  He claims that I’m his slave/servant. He claims to be the only way to heaven.  While on earth He was basically homeless and when his friend Lazarus was sick he intentionally stayed away till he died and was buried.  The real Jesus cared more about the truth than his audiences’ self esteem.  He cared more about the glory of His Father than the comfort of his followers.  He boldly taught us that life is not about us, but about Him.  We dare not try to add “a little Jesus” to our lives.  We’re called to bow our knee and call him Lord!

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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