The Real Thing

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For a long time “the real thing” was a phrase that was connected with the soft drink Coca Cola.  Many of you remember many years ago when the Coca Cola company decided to introduce New Coke.  The product was suppossed to taste better and sell even more.  But instead it was not well received by the public.  The company learned a hard lesson about messing with the original formula.  Unfortunately, I’m afraid that the church hasn’t learned this important lesson.  The salvation formula is that we are saved by God’s grace as provided by the cross of Christ.  This formula is the “real thing.”  But throughout history and today you can find several examples of a “new product.”  It could be salavation through indulgences compliments of the Catholic Church or salvation by moralism compliments of most faith systems.  Or it could even be Jesus plus greed compliments of the “health and wealth” gospel.  Like the disasterous experiment with New Coke, let us throw out flawed “improvements” over the orginal formula.  We are saved by God’s grace provided by the cross of Christ–Enough said!

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

Journey Christian Church

Fairbanks, Alaska



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