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Several weeks ago we took two foster children into our home. It’s gone pretty smoothly and the kids are great with one exception–our own three year old Henry. While he has enjoyed having playmates his own age he has struggled to have another little boy wear some of his clothes and play with his toys. While we don’t encourage the children to call us mom and dad they have started doing that. This upsets Henry. I can’t help but think of how the Jewish nation felt when it became clear to them that salvation in Christ was for all! Once when Jesus made this point in his preaching the crowd tried to kill him. The apostles struggled with this concept as well. Peter had to be shown a vision three times and told to eat “unclean food” in order for him to understand that God’s grace was for everyone. The apostle Paul had to confront Judiazers who tended to follow his ministry and tell new Gentile believers that they had to become Jews before they could be saved. While I think today there is very little struggle with the Jewish/Gentile divide God’s people still struggle with the idea that God loves all people and makes us one. Over the years in different places I’ve watched wealthy churches struggle with the fact that their surrounding neighborhood is now dominated by a lower economic class. Or watch a “white church” handle when their neighborhood quickly becomes a black or Latino community. God’s grace crosses all socioeconomic and racial barriers. The American church talks a good game; but it’s time to live it.

Under His Mercy,
Derek Dickinson, Minister
Journey Christian Church
Fairbanks, Alaska

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