Unlimited--Day Four (40 Day Prayer Experience)

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Today in Mark Batterson’s prayer devotional Draw The Circle he talks about the difference between “praying away” and “praying through.”  Let me explain.  “Praying away” is what most of us do regularly.  If we get sick we ask God to heal us.  If we face a problem we pray that God will take it away.  We want the instant,  dramatic answer to prayer.  We want a deliverance miracle!  However, often what God wants from us and what he sends is not a deliverance miracle but a perseverance miracle.  I think of people like Nick Vujucic who was a born with no arms and no legs.  For years he prayed for the morning when he would wake up and God would have given him arms and legs.  He says to this day he keeps a pair of tennis shoes in his closest just in case God decides to send a stunning miracle.  Instead, so far God has chosen to send Nick a perseverance miracle.  His joy and his sense of purpose as he travels around the world is contagious.  Through his perseverance he is making a huge difference for the kingdom.  So Nick is choosing to pray through his situation and do his best to bring honor to God.  He likes to say if you don’t get your miracle be a miracle.  The same kind of story is found in the life of Joni Tada who broke her neck and was paralyzed as a teenager.  She has been in her wheel chair for decades.  In a recent book she had a chapter where she thanks God for her wheelchair because she can see how God has used her painful situation in a powerful way.   So today, what is God asking you to “pray through” for his glory?

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson


Journey Christian Church

Fairbanks, Alaska



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