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     When I go to the store to buy milk I always check the date on the container because I want to make sure that the milk isn’t about to go bad.  You see milk and many products have a short “shelf life,” an amount of time that the product is good for.  Prayer on the other hand has no end to it’s shelf life; they are eternal.  You see when I pray about something God can answer it at any time.  We are currently praying over our new church property right now.  We are praying that we baptize thousands of people in the little outdoor pond and the baptistry that will go in the church building.  God will probably be answering that prayer over the next 100 years and even beyond.   In the Scripture we are told the people of Israel prayed desperately for deliverance from Egyptian slavery.  God took hundreds of years to answer with the miraculous ministry of Moses.  When we think about the lengthy shelf life of our prayers it should encourage us to think and pray long term.  I can pray for my grand children and great, great grandchildren now.  And those prayers can have an impact for generations to come.   So today as you pray.  Pray boldly for the future.  The future of your family, your church, your town, and even your country. 

Looking Forward,

Derek Dickinson

Senior Minister

Journey Christian Church

Fairbanks, Alaska



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