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This season I am coaching my 11 year old son in soccer.  Tonight was our second game.  We have a great team but we lost by one goal.  The boys are great but I did notice something that I corrected quickly.  One of the moms brought snacks for the boys.  I didn’t hear one thank you.  Once I mentioned it they all quickly did it.  I think they were grateful, just forgetful.  I find the same trait in myself.  I’m grateful, yet forgetful.  So tonight I simply want to publically says thanks to God for a few things:

My salvation.

My beautiful wife and delightful children.

My access to the Word of God in my heart language.

My loving parents and sister.

My extended family.

My good health.

My freedoms as an American.

My friends.

My church.

The list could go on and on.  I am so richly blessed.  Thank you, God you have been incredibly gracious to me.

How has God been gracious to you?

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson


Journey Christian Church




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