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Over the years I have learned that when I try to fix almost anything I tend to make it worse, not better.  In contrast, I certainly have strengths and abilities that give me joy and a sense of confidence.  Each of us is a unique creation of God with strengths and weaknesses.  This is one of the reason I enjoying doing life with other Christians.  I find that most of the time “we is better than me.”  When we work together more can be done for the kingdom of God.   My gaps are filled by others strengths and my gifts fill in their weaknesses.  Have you ever stopped to think what your church would be like if everyone was just like you?   If everyone was just like me the preaching and teaching would be good but the music would be a nightmare.  So today strive to find your talents and gifts and use them WITH OTHERS to bring God glory. 

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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