Walk Slower Daddy

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Over the past six months I have gotten serious about losing weight. I’ve lost 53 pounds so far–Hurray! Part of my exercise routine now that it’s summer is to walk for at least an hour around my neighborhood. Always desiring to be efficient there are times I invite my kids to walk with me. That way I can have some “quality time” with them and get my exercise in too. The other day my nine year old Tony went with me. About half way through the walk I realized that he was struggling to keep up. He said his side hurt. In my desire to get some exercise and check that off my to do list I turned what should be a bonding time with my son into a time where he struggled to keep up. As Father’s Day approaches I’m reminded how often in one way or another my children have to whisper “slow down daddy.” I did slow down and had a good conversation with Tony. Did I burn as many calories as I had hoped? No. Did I learn something about parenting? I believe so.

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