Walking Contradiction

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This morning I was out for my morning walk and I saw a man who appeared to be out for his exercise as well.  What caught me off guard was that he was walking and smoking at the same time.  In my opinion he was a walking contradiction.  I began to think about the ways that sometimes I and others are walking contradictions as Christians as well.  When I bow my head and ask God to bless the food that I’m about to eat and it’s an incredibly unhealthy meal–contradiction.  When I weekly preach from the Bible but don’t follow it when it says “let no debt remain outstanding (Romans 13:8).”  We don’t owe credit card debt but do have a mortgage on our house and a credit line we used to remodel our garage–contradiction.   Can you relate?  Are there ways in which you are a walking contradiction?  Be honest.  Better yet let’s begin walking towards consistentcy.

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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