What is your sin gonna cost me?

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      Last night I attended a UAF Nanooks hockey game.  Throughout the game there were times when a player broke the rules and was put in the penalty box and his team had to play a man down for two minutes.  Often the other team would score during that “power play.”   In a very really sense the rest of the team would pay a price for the sin of one player.  Years ago I listened to a brilliant sermon by a famous preacher called “What is your sin gonna cost me?”  It was profound.  In it he talked about how sin has costs that go far beyond the person that does them.  For example, the drunk driver accidently takes a life and forever changes a family that he hits.  A smoking parent causes health damage to their innocent child.  The adulter leaves behind a devasted wife and her children.  When I am about to sin I will sometimes think about this idea.  Certainly I will pay a price, but won’t others as well?  The ultimate place to see this is the cross.  There Jesus paid the ultimate price for my sin and for yours.  We’re all connected our sin causes ripples in all directions.  Stop and think before you act.  Oh and by the way the name of the famous preacher that had such a profound effect on me so many years ago was Ted Haggard.   

 Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson


Journey Christian Church

Fairbanks, Alaska




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