Where is your Trust?

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We hear alot about the power of faith today.  It’s almost a magical view of faith.  But faith is simply trust.  And faith, no matter how strong, is only as good as the object or person that it’s placed in.  For example, I would rather have weak faith in thick ice than strong faith in thin ice.  If I’m willing to walk out onto a frozen lake or like some in Fairbanks drive a vehicle on the Chena river during winter I want the object of my trust to be worthy.  Today many want to call themselves people of faith.  But what is that faith in?  If it’s Buddha, well he’s a sinner and he’s dead.  If it’s in Mohammed, well he’s a sinner and he’s dead too.  Instead let’s place our faith and trust in Jesus the only one to ever live a sinless life, predict his own death and walk out of his own grave.  Even weak faith in Him can save!

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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