Who's Got Your Back?

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In his book Who’s Got Your Back author Ketih Ferrazzi tells the story of Jean Nidetch.  She was an overweight housewife who had battled her weight for decades.  At five foot seven inches tall and weighing 214 pounds she was obese.  But when she was thirty-eight she tried again.  She started a died sponsored by the New York City Department.  She was losing weight, but her motivation was weakening so she decided to try something different.  She brought the science and details of the program she was on to her living room in Queens and invited her friends to lose weight with her.  That environment of support and accountability is what finally made the difference.  She ended up losing 72 pounds and starting Weight Watchers which has had retail sales of over $4 billion!  When we “do life together” it’s easier to make progress isn’t it?  Sounds alot like the body of Christ don’t you think?

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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