Why do you want to be healed?

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In his book Forgotten God Francis Chan tells a story of man dying of cancer who came to the elders of his church for them to pray for him and annoint him with oil as mentioned in the book of James.  Francis asked the sick man an important question–“Why do you want to be healed? Why do you want to stay on this earth?”  Bold, yes; but an important question none the less.   Why do we want healing and help from God; often it’s because we benefit.  God may answer that prayer or he may not.  But what about the person that geniunely wants to live and be as healthy as possible in order to serve and bring glory to God.  I’d like to tell you this is always my motive but it’s not.  Self 0r Servant, isn’t this the ongoing  struggle?  What are you all about, the good life for you or glory for the Father?

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

Journey Christian Church




Note:  Story mentioned found:  Forgotten God, Francis Chan, 83, 84)

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