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I am always amazed at the stunning brilliance and complexity of God’s creation. I would like to share a lengthy passage from the book “Mentored By A Millionaire” by Steven K. Scott (page 21):
“Back in the mid-1970’s a friend of mine was one of the engineers who built the world’s most advanced scientific computer. His eyes lit up with pride as he told me it could receive over 1 billion bits of information per second. And yet, he looked somewhat puzzled when I asked how many of those bits it could process simultaneously. He answered, ‘Just one.” Even though the computer could process 1 billion bits per second, it could only process them one at a time. I then asked him how many computers would he need to process 4 million bits simultaneously. He replied, ‘Four million.” I then asked him how much space would be needed to house that many computers. ‘Hundreds of acres,’ he replied, ‘but why are you asking such ridiculous questions?” ‘What would you say if I said that such a computer already exists?’ I asked. ‘I’d say you’re nuts!’ he replied. He was even more incredulous when I told him that this supercomputer could be contained in a few cubic inches of space. Finally the light went on with my engineering friend. Of course I was talking about the human brain.”
God is the ultimate engineer. Sometimes we should just step back and say WOW!

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister
Journey Christian Church
Fairbanks, Alaska


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