Worth It?

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Monday Dellie and the kids and my visiting parents went on a road trip to Manley Hot Springs.  We had alot of fun but I’ve got to say I don’t recommend the trip.  We drove 4 hours (big family, lots of pit stops) to get there.  Once we arrived we enjoyed a nice meal at the Manley Roadhouse (although the food looked awfully familiar i.e. Sam’s Club).  At this point we learned that we couldn’t just go get into the hot spring/hot tubs like at chena hot springs but had to reserve them ahead of time by calling Gladys.  We also learned that the hot tubs were “swim suit optional”, which was a little disturbing.  Then we learned that the hot tubs had been rented that night for 6 hours by a Japenese hiking group.  They graciously allowed us to see the hot tubs and yes they were all clothed.  We went to fill up at their one gas station because it had taken us over half a tank to get there.  The gas station was closed.  We were told that the man who ran the station was at his niece’s birthday party but would probably show up at the bar of the Roadhouse if we just waited a few hours.  After about an hour total in Manly Hot Springs we left and started the long trip home.  While we did have fun and saw a very scenic portion of Alaska I would not say it was worth the time, money and effort to go.  Sometimes people wonder about the difficulties and sacrifices required by the Christian life.  We are told in Scripture that heaven is more than we can imagine.  We are told it’s a prepared place.  In revelation we see descriptions of beauty and connecting with other Christians who have gone before.  But in heaven we will experience the richness of the full blown presence of God.  While we don’t know all the details about heaven we can say for sure that it’s worth it!

Under His Mercy,

Derek Dickinson, Minister

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